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Medical Sponsorship
Medical Sponsorship

International Humanitarian Care Medical Sponsorship Program was created to offer financial assistance to patients in need of surgery to survive.

Cancer takes an enormous financial, emotional, and physical toll on individuals and their families. International Humanitarian Care working to decrease the burden that a cancer diagnosis brings, and to increase support for cancer survivors.

The Relief International Humanitarian Care Program gives financial assistance for cancer patients that can be used for medical and non-medical expenses such as utilities, groceries, and transportation costs. These grants bring much-needed relief to those undergoing medical treatment. Patients often must reduce work hours or stop working entirely while in treatment, significantly decreasing their income.

The International Humanitarian Care Relief Program is supported through donations and is an invaluable resource to patients and their families to survive.

The International Humanitarian Care team is able to complete tenth of life saving surgeries last year. Sadly, thousands more patients are in need of help to survive.

As an international organization, our goal is to treat 50% American and 50% foreign children. Of our U.S. patients, 66% are minorities and 99% are children. Many of these patients are children of the working poor who have no insurance at all or their insurance will not cover these procedures. Others are from families who would suffer significant financial hardship if they were to pay for the necessary and costly medical treatment.

Today, approximately 15 percent of Egyptian children are born with pediatric deformities and congenital defects such as cleft palate, missing limbs, and facial deformities. Even more children are affected each year due to disease. Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for insurance companies to label reconstructive procedures to correct these deformities as cosmetic surgery and deny coverage to help these children. The medical and developmental complications that arise from not correcting these conditions can be tremendous.
International Humanitarian Care Relief Program Facts

  • To date, has assisted over 10 cancer patients with living expenses while they were undergoing treatment.
  • We will assist patients with any type of cancer, but roughly 50% of applicants are being treated for Breast Cancer and or other type of cancer (liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer).
  • Many of the patients we serve do not live near a cancer treatment center. Some applicants need to travel up to two hours to get to treatment, 4-5 times a week.
    International Humiliation Care Relief Program funds assist these patients for their treatment and with out-of-pocket transportation and fuel costs.


International Humanitarian Care offers educational programs to raise awareness of various types of cancers. The emphasis of our educational programs is to help the general population understand the signs and symptoms to early detection of cancer.
International Humanitarian Care mission is to decrease the burden of cancer by increasing awareness, education, and relief to cancer patients.

International Humanitarian Care primary focus is to offer assistance by enhancing the quality of life for those diagnosed with cancer through educational and financial support.

Please donate using our donation form and choose the sponsorship designation “Medical Sponsorship”.

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International Humanitarian Care is a national and international humanitarian organization whose mission is to relieve the suffering of those in need, and create a better world for all.