Yalanda Bluford

Yalanda Bluford


Yalanda Bluford is the oversees HR and Administration for International Humanitarian Care (IHC). She periodically assisted the organization from 1996 through 1999, and rejoined the organization in 2017. Yalanda has implemented her time at International Humanitarian Care by evaluating, awarding and administering purchase orders and contracts for the acquisition of supplies and services. She has analyzed specific procurement needs and trends by performing complex financial evaluations for international business transactions, and determining the best value offer for IHC projects related to the financial assistance of low incomend low resourced women and children in foreign countries. As an Administrative assistant for Arco Arena/Maloof Sports and Entertainment 1999 to 2005, she lead in redeveloping projects, observing transition and monitored stages during projects. Yalanda created and managed Teambuilding experiences and participated in local community events. She also provided sourcing and timing to ensure the best cost for budgetary concerns by using a strict procurement process and managed account transactions.
Between 2008 and 2009, she assisted the US Department of Commerce, United States Export Assistance Center (USEAC) in Sacramento where she demonstrated professional competence of each business industry to help local business expand globally. Yalanda researched, identified and compiled target countries market potential, market access, regulations and standards, best sales prospects timing for the product initiation to ensure the best cost and services for businesses. She received a certificate for export compliance from Services for Global business- International Trade Administration.

Yalanda provided various departmental services for the State of California offices of; Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department, Department of Justice and Department of Industrial Relations beginning 2009 and is currently assisting in this environment. She has provided quality project management skills and contributed the expected quantity required by the division in preparation of compiled data in conjunction with projects to present proposals for needed change. Yalanda examines documents and conducted interviews for the purpose of determining employment status and/or tax liability under the provisions of state law and made detailed analysis of entities, business operations and accounting records. Other duties include, but not limited to, analytical support in maintaining confidential information related to criminal activity, verification of accuracy for completed workloads and administrative and substantive support to management as needed. During 2015, she received a certificate for understanding and knowledge of Essential Analytical Skills. She currently analyzes and processes legal documents related to disciplinary actions such as, subpoenas, settlement orders, and hearing notifications, prepare investigation summaries for California Appeals Board, and makes presentations on data and findings for environmental health and safety from complaints and accidents.

Yalanda received her Bachelors of Science in International Business from Colorado Technical University which has assisted in her knowledge of communicating policies and procedures in the area of women’s rights and gender equality, as well as, counseling women on job growth and planning of life strategy with their children. Yalanda received a certificate in Florence, Italy for completing Italian language courses in 2005, and she is also a member who donates to the United Nations Association- Sacramento Chapter.

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