Tarek Essa

Tarek Essa


Tarek joined International Humanitarian Care in January 2017. He has an accounting degree in business administration 1985, active Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 1999 and Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2003.
Mr. Tarek is the Deputy Executive Officer at the National Association of International Consultation Care for more than 15 years.

His expertise in the organization is not limited to developing long-term vision and strategic direction. He has designed and implemented controls and systems to improve efficiencies and effectiveness and possesses extensive experience in financial planning & analysis, business development,problem- solving operational efficiencies, cost cutting measures and managing high return on investments.Tarek, was the president of International Consulting Company (ICC), for more than 10 years. ICC, one of the largest International US companies supporting international human rights development, overseas and all over the world. He was Fund accounting manager where he ensures external audits are smooth and efficient, as well as work with senior management to give input on strategies and developing initiatives and major responsibilities to prepare timely and accurate Net Assets Values, yields, distributions, and other fund accounting output for subsequent review. Tarek provides oversite of all initiatives locally and nationally, along with an extensive portfolio of programs and capital projects in Middle East and Africa.

Mr. Tarek has an exceptional background of 25 years as a community worker directing project renewal social rehabilitation programs, as well as being the president of an NGO representing overseas foundations, and mentoring new and young community organizations.

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International Humanitarian Care is a national and international humanitarian organization whose mission is to relieve the suffering of those in need, and create a better world for all.