Director of Domestic and International Transportation

Ms. Janet Malek periodically assisted the organization from 1996 through 1999, and rejoined International Humanitarian Care in 2017. She attended Cairo University and majored in accounting.

Janet is a business owner and a philanthropist. She leads the women’s fellowship team, for three consecutive years, Janet has lead fund raisers for the St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Christmas party, BBQ events.

Janet as The Director of Transportation will provide leadership and operational oversite of the Transportation function. Develops and executes Global Transportation strategies in collaboration with Operations leadership. Plans and leads projects to add capabilities and reviews functional processes and technologies to support growth and business objectives. Leads and mentors Transportation team members to help them develop a continuous process improvement mindset.  Maintains relationships with transportation service providers (domestic and international), inter-facility transport, air freight, small parcel and all other transportation modes. Works with senior management to negotiate transportation contracts. Manages domestic and international transportation functions to find and utilize quality carriers with best services and cost. Ensures the integrity of the transportation and freight payment auditing process. Tracks and analyzes transportation trends to assist in planning and carrier bids.

Janet plays a vital role in the organization and is in charge of handling international transportation and shipments with Good360. She handles the semi-truck load and truckload program and shipping companies located in the United States and also handling the shipment upon arrival to Cairo and or any other place in the world, dealing with airport documents, transferred shipments to our storage in Cairo, off load, and distributing the shipment as planned, keep up with the inventory and sending all the inventory to the Good360 program located in the United States for records keeping and compliance with our Non-profit agreement/contract with Good360 program, communicating, reporting, and make all the update requirements.

Janet, handling daily operations and managing staff and resources. she also makes essential duties for her role are making high-level decisions, reporting to the Board of Directors, recruiting staff, in Cairo, Egypt and developing organization culture, implementing operational policies, detecting new business opportunities, securing the company’s position on the market, improving performance levels, and evaluating organization. She also provides teaching and counseling with young women, early marriages, education, supported women’s education and uplifting families out of poverty through meaningful employment

 Janet has a profound passion for Outreach and Missions for a non-profit organization specializing in reaching at-risk youth through outreach concerts within the urban genres. Support in the overall vision casting and leadership of the teaching and provides counseling planning, design and execution, developing goals and objectives for the ministry area in line with the strategic plan.

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International Humanitarian Care is a national and international humanitarian organization whose mission is to relieve the suffering of those in need, and create a better world for all.