Chief Executive Officer

Essam became The Chief Executive Officer of International Humanitarian Care (IHC), since January 2017. Mr. Essa’s collegiate background is extensive.  He earned his Agriculture Engineering degree in 1985, and his Environmental/Safety Engineer degree from University of Los Angeles in 1995, and also earned degree in international Law and Criminal Justice in 2005 from Solano College, as well as, a diploma in Safety and Environmental Engineering from University of California Davis in 2006.

(California Environmental Protection Agency, Western State 2007, University of California Riverside and University of Berkeley 2012.) In 1993, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services of California recognized and awarded Mr. Esam Essa, a Certificate of Achaemenes of Incident Commander/Scene Manager. In 2002, he received Certification of professional negotiation skills from the California State Department. Prior to joining the International Humanitan Care, Mr. Essa, was delegated on 2012 by 

United Nation authority as the Chief Environmental Engineer.​​

United Nations main goal is to provide and develop humanitarian care to all countries and to initiate goals of safe guarding, peace, protecting human rights establishing frame work for international justice and promoting economic and social progress by improving standard of living, for kids through providing orphanage, education, medical services, as well as protecting human rights by preventing abuse and improving standard of living.
Mr. Essam through his positions shared tremendously in approaching these goals as he was responsible to introduce and implement the guidelines to the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) in Africa and in different mission; Coordinate all activities related to environmental and Safety compliance in all mission, including military, police and civilian components; Assess environmental/Safety conditions through baseline studies and implement monitoring and evaluation procedures; Prepare consolidated reports on environmental actions of all mission sites and identify problem areas to be addressed by the relevant Sections within the mission; Develop and implement training activities aimed at building mission capacity to meet mission environmental objectives; Prepare the mission environmental budget; Develop and maintain liaison with other UN agencies, local authorities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the mission area.
He also work from 2001 to 2012 with the state government, Office of Criminal Investigation as Senior Environmental Engineer for investigation and in the collection of evidences from crime scenes. Collects and interprets scientific and technical evidence, joint criminal investigations with federal and other State and local agencies and supports environmental crimes task force activities.  Work with Office of Legal Affairs and the Attorney General’s Office to assists with the preparation of trial documents and exhibits. Testifies in court as a percipient or expert witness. Prepares and processes enforcement orders, stipulation and orders, and consent orders for settling administrative enforcement actions. Establish and maintain cooperative relations with state, federal, and local agencies and the regulated community.  Work on highly confidential and sensitive cases throughout the state government.

He also helped work and help with Policy Development/Bill Analysis Develop and review policies and procedures affecting the operations of the State Of California, Environmental Protection Agency. Review and prepare bill analyses on legislation affecting the operations of office of Criminal Investigation with the state government.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

International Humanitarian Care is a national and international humanitarian organization whose mission is to relieve the suffering of those in need, and create a better world for all.